Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management services span the entire spectrum of services that help in monitoring and managing a company's IT backbone. The tasks include but are not limited to IT infrastructure assessment. 24/7 technical helpdesk support, data center management (including server, mail and database management), network management and Security management. Availability, uptime of networks, databases and service continuity management has become some of the most important aspects in the service – oriented global economy. The demand for operations to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) is greater than ever. Availability, or the lack of it, has a dramatic influence on customer satisfaction and can quickly impact the overall reputation and success of the enterprise. Also, expectations for immediate support, scarcity of skilled personnel, rising costs and reductions in budgets have put tremendous pressure on IT managers.

Ours is a metrics driven organization. We have a proven track record of successfully supporting large infrastructures, with broad range of platforms and applications – with an SLA of 99.97 which is near zero downtime. Our teams are cross-skilled, combining cutting-edge technology skills across multiple platforms, standards and vendors with rich domain expertise.

We work closely with the best-of-breed in the industry, technology & thought leaders – IBM, CISCO, EMC, Oracle, Dell, Check-point and BSI, among many others where we keep them as our baseline for Quality. This rich exposure helps us to keep abreast of the latest technologies and deliver tangible customer benefits through innovative service products and superior solutions.